Brochure collection on transport

The collection of brochures from the former Dresden University of Transport is unique in its kind. Product brochures on transport in the broadest sense, which were systematically collected from the 1960s to 1989 - mainly at trade fairs - are highly comprehensive. Represented are not only GDR products (20%) and goods from other RGW states (6%), but above all products from the Federal Republic (54%) and from Western countries (20%).

The spectrum ranges from road, rail and water transport to aerospace. In addition to the construction industry, the product range includes transport, transshipment and storage technology as well as agricultural and food technology, the municipal economy and communications.

In addition to the direct search for manufacturers, products and subject headings, the diversity of the collection is accessible above all through browsing in the Technical History catalogue.

The collection offers extensive and, by virtue of its completeness, outstanding material for all scientists researching the history of transport and traffic engineering.
But it is not only from a technical and historical point of view that the advertised industrial goods represent a unique fundus: the 9,500 individual brochures summarised in around 8,000 data sets can also be considered as a 70,000 page illustrated catalogue of the design of industrial products.

The collection of brochures on transport was digitized as part of a project in the "Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsprogramm (HWP)" of the Bund-Länder-Kommission für Bildungsplanung und Forschungsförderung . This collection, the majority of which is probably unique in a public collection, enriches and complements the information offered by both SLUB special collections - "Technical History" and "Contemporary Art from 1945 onwards, Photography, Industrial Design and Commercial Graphics".

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Funding: Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsprogramm (HWP) der Bund-Länder-Kommission für Bildungsplanung und Forschungsförderung
Duration: 2006-2007
Project management: Jens Bove